Our Specialities

1. Trip and stay is from 12 PM to 09.30 am on the following day in the case of one night booking (normally).

2. The houseboat will be manned by 3 men – a captain, an engine driver and a cook. All the staff members are from the locality with some training in hospitality aspects. They speak the local language – Malayalam, but can understand English because of their experience in the field.

3. The food is made (normally) on a fixed menu (if individual preferences are not informed earlier). Fish during lunch and chicken during dinner is the practice. The simplicity of the meals is still kept by the old boatmen of the yester years.

4. We own 08 Air Conditioned house boats including Premium and Gold Categories with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

5. Most of the houseboats have 2 bed rooms with twin beds (two separate beds) attached with tiled toilets with WC, hand shower, wash basin; kitchen with LPG stove, sit-out with chairs and a sundeck for sun bath. Honeymooners are attracted by the one-bedroom houseboat during the full moon days.

6. The boats will be moving in the canals, lakes and rivers only till 5 pm. (5 pm to 6 am is time for fishing for local people using small country boats). After-wards it will be anchored in a safe lake.

7. The houseboats are certified by Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala in two categories – Golden and Silver. The golden category houseboats have more spacious rooms, tiled toilets, hand held shower, kitchen, sit out and an overall better service.

8. You are free to reward (tip) the crew as they are earning a living from the trips they get during the 6 months' season time.