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The Cruise takes you along lakes frilled by endless expanse of coconut groves. Time and Space lose their relevance as the cool breeze caresses you and the gentle waves rock your boat. Watch the Chinese fishing nets come alive, watch the setting sun paint the sky in breath taking colours. At night fall, drop anchor at any place that catch your fancy and the lullaby of the gentle waves put you to sleep. Wake in the morning to the shouts of the fisherman.

"Relaxing is an understated word to use for this wonderful boat trip .........."
- E. Molan, U.K
"A beautiful trip through the backwaters. Thank you, to the lovely staff, serving delicious food always with smiling faces ..........."
- Deborah Nolan, Colarado, U.S.A.
" What an outstanding adventure! It was like a dream ......... Thank you so much for the caring and the delicious food."
- Isabella Stieger, Switzerland.
"A very pleasant trip with an attending crew. I will recommend this trip to all my friends......"
- William and Krystal Becker, Holland
"A wonderful way to spend a couple of days. We will recommend it highly ......"
- E. Brown, Hong Kong
"Thank you for an absolutely perfect trip on the back waters. It was very comfortable, relaxing and refreshing ............."
- Camilla Nilson, Sweden
" It's truly magical to find the tranquility of the backwaters ..........., Dawn and sunset were magical, as were the stars at night. We'll be back ..........."
- Cal & Lavis Bruns, Prague, Czech Republic